Monday, March 9, 2009

facebook adict

i have now become a facebook adict!  two weeks ago i joined facebook and spent the first week catching up with old college friends and just had a wonderful time.  while i am looking for balance in my life, hours on facebook may not make sense.  but it actually helped me to put some things in perspective.

week two of facebook helped me start finding high school friends and i think i have laughed more in the last two weeks than i have in months.  when i think about those times and the fun and the hard times it is interesting the choices that lasted and were important and those that didn't matter at all even though they felt important.

my best friend in high school was joyce nitz.  her mom always used to say "is it of eternal consequence?"  she said it often enough that it would make us mad, but here it is twenty years later and the same question totally applies!


I.H.S. said...

Facebook is taking over the world I think. I have a cousin in Indiana who was just telling me this same thing about her being addicted to Facebook.

She keeps telling me I need to get a Facebook account but I don't think I can add anymore computer places to my already packed computer life, I'd never have time to do anything.

So, you guys have at the Facebook and when you need an intervention or some withdrawl counselling, drop us a line. :)


Jungle Mom said...

I recently joined FB as well and I have reconnected with so many people. That is the best thing about FB, I think. Also, I can keep up with my younger family members who never email but will post and comment on FB. Look me up!!!

mystic minstrel said...

thanks for finding me there! it's lots of fun!