Sunday, December 14, 2008

Back in Action!

i was so out of it that i actually did the last post on the wrong blog. it was supposed to post on my scottelementarymusic blog. an idiot, you say? no, just a crazy woman that was trying to finish her master's degree and get ready for a performance of over 80 students in a new theatrical location (where i had no control over the sound). it was so stressful that i ended up getting strep throat over thanksgiving (the week after all of this mess).

but that is all the past!!!!! hurray!

my final portfolio presentation was wednesday, dec 9 and i am currently free and clear! i can not express the ultimate joy it is to have my tuesday nights and approximately 10 hours a week back in my life. instead of sunday afternoon football and homework, i can now do sunday afternoon football and laundry. this sounds like a wimpy trade, but my family has been digging clothes out of laundry baskets for the last eighteen months. now they might have a chance of finding them in a drawer. and now the bonus!

kim frank, you just finished your master's degree in education. what are you going to do now? "i'm going to disneyworld!" jason, the girls, his parents, and his sister's family (joy, glenn, and timmy) are all going with us christmas morning and we will be coming back january second. we are all so excited...what a great way to end the year!