Saturday, March 28, 2009

moving on

my final performance of the year is over, spring has come (although you wouldn't know it by the snow falling outside) and i am feeling the joys of my new life without homework.  i finally feel like the house is maintainable and that work is somewhat under control.

there are still lots of questions.  where will our future church home be?  when will we plant our garden? will spring really come?  but one thing i know for sure is that God is good and that he is always with us wherever we go. 

so as i ponder the big questions - and the little ones - i will remember God's goodness and just keep moving on.

Monday, March 9, 2009

facebook adict

i have now become a facebook adict!  two weeks ago i joined facebook and spent the first week catching up with old college friends and just had a wonderful time.  while i am looking for balance in my life, hours on facebook may not make sense.  but it actually helped me to put some things in perspective.

week two of facebook helped me start finding high school friends and i think i have laughed more in the last two weeks than i have in months.  when i think about those times and the fun and the hard times it is interesting the choices that lasted and were important and those that didn't matter at all even though they felt important.

my best friend in high school was joyce nitz.  her mom always used to say "is it of eternal consequence?"  she said it often enough that it would make us mad, but here it is twenty years later and the same question totally applies!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

a search for the important

the matrix to the left here makes me feel like the picture in my last post.  but the lovely advice of my friends has given me a focus...a search for the important.  

this has immediately helped my stress level at work go down because it helps me let go of the little things that don't matter and actually catch some of the little things that do.

with God's help i may find - or rather begin to remember -  some of the more important things.