Sunday, January 18, 2009

college grad

it is finally sinking in that my degree is complete and i now am free to enjoy my homework-free life.  when i signed up for the eighteen month program, i was thinking, "sure! i can handle four hours every tuesday eve." not really thinking about the ten hours (at least) of homework every week.  a minimum of fourteen hours a week is a lot different than four hours a week and i wasn't really ready for the chaos that it would bring to our home and lives.  thanks to the support of my loving husband and the understanding (mostly) of our little girls, we all survived and live to tell the tale.  the girls still occasionally ask if i will be going to college on tuesday night, but i think they are starting to get used to mommy being home and more available.  

my new goal is to lay off the goals for a while and enjoy the extra time with the fam. maybe i'll think about goals around easter...tune in, hee, hee